1531A CD Player

mbl 1531A CD Player [ Discontinued ]

D/A Converter: Multi level Delta Sigma
Sampling (f): 44.1kHz
Digital filter: Over sampling 16 times =705, 6 kHz (44.1 kHz red book)
Switch capacitor filter: +Over sampling 128 times (smoothing)
Converter (f): 2.82 MHz
Resolution: 24 bit linear
Error correction: Repeat block on error
Signal/ Noise-Ratio: 110dB/112dB

Digital outputs: XLR, RCA, Toslink
Output Impedance 110Ω, 75Ω

Analog Outputs:
Connection: 1 RCA, 1 XLR
Frequency Range: DC-20kHz, +0/-0.5dB
Signal to noise: 110/112dBr, 2
Dynamic: 97 dB
Channel separation: 110dB, 1kHz
THD: 0.0007%, 1
Output level: 2V, 1kHz(RCA), 4V,1kHz(XLR)
Output Impedance: RCA=100Ω, XLR=200Ω
Power consumtion: 50 VA max
Line Voltage: 230/115Vac, 50/60Hz
Weight: 18kg/40lbs
Dimensions(WxHxD): 450x155x425 mm

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Product Description

The plaer combines CD drive and converter in an ultimate symbiosis. Alone the operation of the compact device – as expected from MBL – is a haptic experience; a vision of delight for any design-lover. The reporduction does not lag behind. The heavy-duty mechanical structure, the perfect processiong and accurately function technology allow your CDs to spin around undisturbed and free of exterior influences. The result is a colorful sound pattern that lets you forget every technological detail.

Following are some of the most important improvements:

D/A Converter:
The mbl 1531A contains a completely new DAC that delivers higher dynamic, lower noise and lower THD (total harmonic distortion) with the result of a deeper and more contoured bass on one side and higher resolution on the other side.

Digital filter:
In the mbl 1531A we introduce a new, mostly minimum phased oriented digital filter, that leads to a much more natural and analog type of reproduction. Especially the sound stage, timbre and fluidity benefit from this improvement.

Analog Output Stage:
The analog output stage has been improved with a group delay optimized analog output filter. In conjunction with the new low noise and low distortion design this gives more control over the music and a more open and well defined sound.

Lid improvements:
The lid frame of the mbl 1531A consists now of one piece instead of three. This leads to higher stability and less tolerances when sliding the lid. A new lid knob and a reduced sledge resistance give a better touch and feel when moving the lid back and forth.

.New Power Transformers .New Display Controller.New Main PCB.New Control PCB.


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