Exo (out of this) + gal (galaxy)

Exogal was founded in 2013 by audio industry veterans who worked for the some of the biggest names in the industry. The founders, Jim Kinne, Larry Jacoby, Jeff Haagenstad and Jan Larsen have taken their collective learning from their 20+ years and have set out to create products that are “out of this galaxy.” By taking a completely new look at product engineering, Exogal delivers products that are aesthetically beautiful while producing extraordinary sound at a fraction of the cost of most high-end systems.

Jim Kinne is the technical heart and soul of Exogal. He’s a legendary audio engineer who’s produced countless award-winning products in his career, including the Wadia 27 decoding computer, Wadia 270 CD transport and the Wadia 790 PowerDAC, to name a few. Jim’s philosophy is to design products for optimal listening, not just to test well in a lab. If it’s optimized for listening, inevitably it will test well. The reverse is not always true.


You can’t create a future by clinging to the past.”

~Joshua Neal Hartry

Product Design

We have the luxury of having learned our lessons from the industry and have designed our electronics from the ground up using state of the art technology. We’ve brought in the latest technology from adjacent industries such as the mobile phone business, various operating systems, and signal processing technology not currently deployed in the audio industry. This has allowed us to build a platform that is state of the art, as well as high-performance and provides a solid foundation for the future technologies that will be used in future Exogal products.

Designed, Sourced and Manufactured in the USA

Keeping our manufacturing close to home (Minnesota, to be exact) shortens design-to-manufacturing times and allows us to get to market more quickly with bold new products.

Open Architecture

All Exogal audio products use open protocols and interfaces which allow you to play your music no matter where you bought it or where the music stream originates. Also, our products can be easily controlled over a network by any home automation system without expensive drivers.

Products that Last a Lifetime

Our products are designed to last for a lifetime of enjoyment by supporting upgrades that keep them current with rapidly changing digital audio technology. We have also made a commitment to revisit every single product on a three-year cycle allowing us to refine our products so that they are always current and relevant.

Is High-Resolution Digital Audio for You?

Frankly, that’s not for us to say. We support all of the high-resolution formats currently available and our hardware and firmware is extensible enough to accommodate even greater resolutions, protecting your investment in our audio gear. But even if you use more “low-quality” formats such as CD resolution (44.1 kHz sampling rate with 16-bit depth) our processing algorithms will make your music sound as good as it can possibly sound. And making your experience the best for you while protecting your investment is what this is really all about. To help you better understand how higher resolution relates to the size of a music file, check out this handy chart from the good people at Audio Mountain.

Introducing Exogal. Extraordinary high-resolution digital audio as you’ve never experienced it before brought to you by audiophile design legends. Exogal has reimagined digital audio technology and builds products from the ground up, creating beautiful designs the produce extraordinary sound and provides a transformational listening experience. Its revolutionary technology enables you to hear music exactly how the artist intended it – with no noise, just pure sound – wherever you choose to listen.

Exogal’s products are:

Built with an open architecture allowing you to listen to the digital music format of choice – local files or streaming

Designed by audiophile engineering legend, Jim Kinne

Kept current with digital hardware upgrades

Made in the USA – designed, sourced and manufactured in Minnesota

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