About Us

In the early ‘80s, an audio enthusiast and lover of fine music with a vision foresaw the increased popularity of high-end audio in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Jadis Electronics Limited was founded in 1982 to pioneer and distribute audio products that matched the diverse psychological aspects of consumers. This soon paved way for an undertaking that led the tide.Jadis Electronics was the offspring of an exhaustive commitment to providing quality service to consumers that had become more discerning and knowledgeable thanks to the effort of leading audio journals. To achieve this goal, not only were the finest and most cost-effective products to be acquired but also were devotees recruited to match.

The following years saw a distributor of sought-after high-end makes from Europe and the States. Our shop premises have since remained the habitats of discriminating audiophiles.

Jadis Electronics regularly participate in Hong Kong and China’s audio / visual equipment exhibitions. These shows ensure us to promote our high-quality audiophile equipment, yet also quality time for us to share and gather ideas from our supporters.

Our growing successes were maintained nonetheless: our store was based in the heart of Hong Kong’s financial district where habitués were least vulnerable. Currently we represent Aesthetix, Audio Research, Ayre, CH Precision, Continuum Audio, Emm Labs, Exogal, Finite Elemente, Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS), Jadis, Loit, Nime Audio Design, Meitner, MBL, Pluto Audio, Theta Digital, Transparent Cable, T + A, Vienna Acoustics, Wadia, Westlake Audio and Wilson Audio.

Our growing reputation derives from our infinite creativity and the ability to convince suppliers of how products can be best improved, both sonically and aesthetically. Jadis Electronics has currently extended its distribution network to regions beyond Hong Kong and China, winning innumerable friends.

Central Showroom

Address: 25/F Li Dong Building No.9 Li Yuen Street East Central Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2882 7072

Mongkok Showroom

Address: 4/F Grancastle Commercial Building 27 Sai Yeung Choi Street South Mongkok Kowloon
Tel: (852) 2770 6848